Overlooked Gems of My Lifetime

Credit is given where credit is due regarding the overlooked gems of my lifetime.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


The makers of Cap'n Crunch had the big bucks and breakfast cereal powerbrokers behind them to squash this fiesty competitor! Quisp had a cooler shape and more pleasing texture (little flying saucers that each held a few drops of milk and less of that sandpaper effect on the tongue and cheeks, respectively). The Martian guy on the box was cooler than the Cap'n to boot. Also-ran Quake had its merits, but hey...

OK, OK, I'm no longer 8 years old, and I now know that the Quaker Oats Company made all three cereals and trumped up this competition. In researching this brief entry, I've discovered more than I wanted to know about the cereal wars of my youth. You know, I do this blog, in large part, to celebrate the innocent, joyous convergences of my lifetime, but at times like these, I regret what I've found. Serves me right. I apologize if the links you've followed have nullified a piece of the drama that made up your third grade existence.


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