Overlooked Gems of My Lifetime

Credit is given where credit is due regarding the overlooked gems of my lifetime.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Brewster McCloud

This early '70s Robert Altman flight of fancy stars Bud Cort as a manchild who pursues his dream of flying while living in the bowels of the Houston Astrodome. Mythological and pop culture references abound, often for the hell of it. Shelly Duvall makes her strangely appealing screen debut. The Altman regulars of that era (eg, Sally Kellerman, Michael Murphy, Burt Remsen, John Schuck) get to strut their ridiculous screen selves. One of probably a dozen highly recommended and underrated, laid back films that Altman has released between his occasional films receiving commercial and mainstream critical acclaim. As an added bonus, there's something about the setting, styles, and cinematography that perfectly capture my childhood memories of the early '70s.


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